FEP BlueDental

Blue Cross Blue Shield has provided healthcare services to Federal Employees and their family members for nearly 60 years. Beginning in 2019, we are proud to have the honor to extend that service to the retired uniformed service members and their family.

Important things you should know about FEP BlueDental:

  • 3 cleanings per year are included in our Standard Option Plan
  • Over 290,000 access points nationwide (includes providers and locations)
  • Unlimited annual maximum benefit (per person) under High option
  • Out of network benefits on both options offered
  • Preventive services covered at 100%
  • No waiting period for orthodontia under our High option
  • Covers crowns, bridges, implants, root canals and dentures at 50% under High option in-network with no waiting period
  • White fillings are covered on all surfaces including back teeth. Back teeth (Posterior Composites) no longer alternate to silver.

Provider Type: PPO (Preferred or Participating Provider Organization)

Plan Coverage Type: National/International

Available Plan Types: Standard & High

Website: www.fepbluedental.com

Phone: (855) 504-2583

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