Flexible Spending FAQs

Find answers to common questions about FSAFEDS.

No, your FSAFEDS account login will not work on BENEFEDS.com. Your BENEFEDS User ID and password are unique to the BENEFEDS system, which you set when you create your BENEFEDS account.

All questions about enrollment and claims must go to WageWorks, Inc. (who administers the enrollment and claims processes for FSAFEDS).

If you are enrolled in FSAFEDS, your FSAFEDS allotment information should show on your My BENEFEDS dashboard within one business day after creating your BENEFEDS account. "Not Enrolled" means we are in the process of receiving your enrollment information from WageWorks, Inc., the administrator for the enrollment and claims processing for FSAFEDS.

If it has been more than one business day, call BENEFEDS customer service at 1-877-888-FEDS (1-877-888-3337) TTY 1-877-889-5680.

You can view your allotment history after logging in to your My BENEFEDS dashboard by selecting "Allotment History" under the FSAFEDS account you are enrolled in.

BENEFEDS administers the allotment collection process for the FSAFEDS program, but the enrollment and claims processes are administered by WageWorks, Inc. It is important that you update your residential and mailing address information with both BENEFEDS and FSAFEDS to ensure your information is accurate with both organizations.

Health Care FSA (HCFSA) & Limited Expense Health Care FSA (LEX HCFSA)
The maximum amount you can allot to an HCFSA or LEX HCFSA is $2,650 (per individual) or $5,000 for a "federal couple" (where both spouses are covered under FSAFEDS) for a benefit period. The minimum is $100.

Dependent Care FSA (DCFSA)
The maximum amount you can allot to a DCFSA is $5,000 per household ($2,500 if married filing separately) for a benefit period. The minimum is $250.

If you notice an error regarding your allotment, you should notify WageWorks, Inc. (who administers the enrollment and claims processes for FSAFEDS), who will work with BENEFEDS to determine the required course of action.

If the error results in the allotments being less than your scheduled amount, your allotments will be recalculated based on the number of pay dates remaining in the Benefit Period.

Let's say you elected $2,600 to a Dependent Care FSA and your election amount will be deducted over 26 pay periods, resulting in a per pay date allotment of $100. Then, your payroll provider fails to withhold your scheduled allotment on pay period 9 ($800 already deducted). That leaves $1,800 of the $2,600 to be deducted from your pay for the rest of the year. We would recalculate your allotments by spreading the remaining $1,800 over the remaining 17 pay periods. Your "new" allotment would be $105.88 per pay period so that your account is funded in full by the last payday of the year.

In some cases, such as a tax levy or wage garnishment, there are not enough funds left for your FSAFEDS allotment.

In these situations, or any others where we are unable to receive an allotment, FSAFEDS will work with BENEFEDS to determine the correct course of action. You will be unable to receive reimbursements for claims with dates of service during this period of time until we are able to restart your allotments.