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Employees & Payroll Deductions

Most employees pay FEDVIP premiums through payroll deductions. Your FEDVIP premiums are paid on a pre-tax basis if you're an active employee and your pay is sufficient to make the premium withholdings.

First and Last Deductions for the Year

If you enrolled in or changed a FEDVIP plan during Open Season, you should see your first deduction for the next plan year come out of the paycheck you receive for the pay period beginning on or after January 1st.

If you canceled a FEDVIP plan during Open Season, and if you have a past-due balance remaining from the prior plan year, we will continue to coordinate with your agency to collect the past-due balance. These deductions will be applied to your prior plan year's FEDVIP coverage only.

Bill works for the USPS. During Open Season, Bill canceled his FEDVIP dental plan. The last day Bill and any family members on his enrollment will have FEDVIP dental coverage will be on December 31st. As of January 1st, they will no longer be covered. However, Bill has a past-due balance of $18.00. BENEFEDS will continue to coordinate with the USPS to collect the $18.00, even into the next plan year if necessary. When payment is received, BENEFEDS will apply the premium to the previous FEDVIP coverage only. Once the total past-due balance is collected and applied, Bill will no longer see any deductions for the FEDVIP in the next plan year.