Triple-S Salud

For over fifty years Triple-S Salud has been the leader in health insurance and the largest health insurance company in Puerto Rico. We have focused on giving special attention to quality in order to keep the company at the leading edge of health and technology to assure our present and future.

We have the commitment to help our community in wellness and prevention and are guided by the highest standards towards our providers, subscribers and employees, to provide full comprehensive coverage and access to care. Following this commitment, in addition to the Triple-S Salud FEHB medical coverage, we administer the FEDVIP. Since 2007 this program offers supplemental dental benefits available to eligible Federal and USPS employees, retirees, and their eligible dependents in Puerto Rico. We feel proud that in our hands lies the responsibility of taking care of you and your family as well as giving you the best and comprehensive service available.

Provider Type: PPO (Preferred or Participating Provider Organization)

Plan Coverage Type: Regional

Service Area: The island of Puerto Rico

Available Plan Types: High


Phone: (800) 716-6081 | TTY (787) 792-1370

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