UnitedHealthcare Vision

At UnitedHealthcare Vision, eye care goes beyond glasses. We care for your complete eye health and look to the eyes for indications of health issues throughout the body.

All our FEDVIP members enjoy:

  • Extra coverage for kids! Our Children's Eye Care Program provides an extra eye exam and an extra pair of glasses for children under 13 every year!
  • Non-glass standard photochromic lenses (Transitions) for no additional copay!
  • Price protection on eyeglass options!
  • Coverage or discounts on additional vision testing, vision therapy, and low-vision services!
  • A National Network of over 90,000 access points that includes Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in retail and non-retail locations, plus on-line Warby Parker!
  • Discounts on Lasik vision correction, hearing aids and a variety of wellness-related products and services!

In addition, progressive no-line bifocal wearers enrolled in our High Option Plan receive high end progressive lenses at only a $75 copay!

Provider Type: PPO (Preferred or Participating Provider Organization)

Plan Coverage Type: National/International

Available Plan Types: Standard & High

Website: fedvip.myuhcvision.com

Phone: (866) 249-1999

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